Sunday, March 29, 2009

And now a word about our sponsors

Doreen and I mentioned earlier that we wanted Bailey to have greater public spirit. We think we've found a way to make the puppy blog "volunteer-oriented" too.

We've added Google ads to this blog and will donate the proceeds to Helping Paws. Since we've never done this before, we're not sure how it works or how much it will generate. But we're hoping it will be a relatively easy way to raise funds for one our favorite organizations.

Neither we nor Helping Paws choose what ads are displayed; a big computer at Google does that. So we have no idea what ads you're seeing.

Our "Terms of Service" prohibit us from encouraging you to click on the ads, and honestly we would discourage you from buying Nigerian time-shares, anyway. However, we can encourage you to visit our blog often and to share it with your friends and family! We'll try to keep you posted on the latest and greatest puppy news.

If we don't get enough visitors, we may have to start posting gossip about Britney Spears to make this blog more popular.

I think we all want to avoid that. :-)

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