Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Do not attempt this at home

Doreen and I were a little worried because Dempsey hasn't been eating very much at mealtime. Our teacher said that maybe the treats we're using for training are too big; she suggested offering smaller pieces.

We've been using carrot sticks and a crunchy treat called Charlee Bears. The carrots I diced up a little smaller using a knife, but the Charlee Bears presented a challenge. Although the ingredients are benign (wheat, turkey liver, cranberries, salt, and garlic powder), I thought Doreen might be icked-out using our kitchen knives to cut doggie treats. So I decided to use scissors.

As I said, the treats are crunchy, and therefore hard to cut. When I squeezed the scissors, half the treat burst into a cloud of Bear dust, and the other half flew up and nearly hit me in the eye. Fortunately, I always wear a pair of thick safety goggles -- okay, they're actually glasses -- so the half Bear bounced harmlessly off my goggles and onto the floor, where it landed in front of the cat.

Bailey gave me a disdainful look and said, "I can't believe you're in charge here." She sauntered off to the fireplace.

So, lesson learned: Do not try cutting Charlee Bears with scissors in front of your cat.

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