Saturday, March 28, 2009


The puppy is supposed to be eating 1/2 cup of dog food three times a day, but our puppy hasn't been eating much.

For lunch, he ate about 1/4 cup before he walked out of the kennel and pooped. I went to the "nearby" stash of paper towels to clean up, but before I could get back, puppy had eaten half his own poop.

Figuring that #1 is usually close to #2, I took puppy out to the backyard, where he immediately started trying to eat grass, pine cones, and bunny poop. Back in the house he went.

I've just spent half an hour vaccuuming the yard with a ShopVac to get rid of the pine cones for the puppy, which strikes me now as a bit ridiculous. Bailey agrees: She gave me another "I told you so" look when I walked back in.

Doreen, meanwhile, has been mopping the floor. Puppy, of course, thinks the mop is a toy and has been playing with it. We tried exchanging the mop for a real toy, but I think we need some practice convincing the puppy that's a fair trade.

Isn't it time for a nap yet???

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