Sunday, March 29, 2009

Puppy Paparazzi

After a full day and a half getting acclimated, puppy seemed ready for an adventure. We decided to combine adventure with the mundane and headed to PetSmart for a little shopping -- puppy really needed a toothbrush.

There's something about having a puppy that really sets off the parental instinct. Even though PetSmart is only 5 minutes away, I packed everything except the kitchen sink:

  • a Ziploc of kibble, in case he got hungry
  • a Ziploc of carrot sticks, in case he was hungry and didn't like the kibble
  • a bottle of water, in case he got thirsty
  • a blanket, in case he got cold
  • his favorite toy
  • two baggies for poop
  • disinfecting spray
  • paper towels
  • hand sanitizer
  • camera
  • clicker on a lanyard
  • a fanny pack to hold it all
Even now, as I write this, I find myself craving a minivan. Will someone please tell me this is normal?

Naturally, we didn't use anything except the camera. And as you would expect from a Helping Paws puppy, he was a hit! Puppy quickly assumed the role of store mascot, greeting every shopper and hamming it up for a couple of cell phone pictures.

He is so good natured! He greeted people, but never got nervous or excited. He watched the other dogs without getting excited. He followed us wherever we went and would sit quietly. He watched shopping carts, pallet jacks, and cars without getting nervous or scared.

I know we had the nicest, calmest, friendliest, cutest, bestest puppy in the whole store. We're so proud of him! As much as we wish we could take credit, with less than 48 puppy hours under our belts, we have to applaud Team Cheers who obviously spent some time teaching puppy his social skills. Bravo!

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