Saturday, March 28, 2009

We got the puppy!!!

We picked up the puppy last night! Although it's only been a few hours, it seems like so much has happened already.

We arrived twenty minutes early at Helping Paws, but I thought we might be late -- every other foster family arrived even earlier. And no wonder: all the puppies were playing in a pen, cute as can be.

We had a chance to meet Cheers, the puppy's mommy, as well as Team Cheers, who did a great job of helping Cheers raise the puppies. Every puppy was healthy, fit, and nicely washed.

It didn't stay that way for too long. As I was holding our puppy for the group photo, he became anxious and had a little accident and dribbled a little on my jacket. That's a puppy for you!

On the ride home, the puppy cried for the first ten minutes, before falling promptly and soundly asleep. When we got home, we saw he'd had another accident, and had been sleeping in a puddle.
We had a plan for introducing the puppy to Bailey, but we knew the princess would not be impressed with a stinky puppy, so we changed plans and gave the puppy his first bath at home, at around 9:30.

With the puppy freshly washed, we introduced him to Bailey. Bailey was not impressed, stinky or not. But at least no fighting!

Since that introduction last night, we've had three more accidents. I think for this blog wallpaper, I should have used puddles instead of paw prints.

The puppy only seems to sleep for about twenty minutes at a time, before he's crying for attention. He does not seem to like any of the toys we so carefully chose for him, instead choosing to chew a blanket, a pair of Crocs, a towel, the recliner, and my ear. He hardly ate anything for breakfast this morning, though he managed to scarf down a piece of poop and a small pine cone before we could stop him. Doreen is a little nauseated and quickly hopped on Google to research. We learned this is somewhat "normal," though cleary this will be number one on the training list.

Bailey gave me a smug, "I told you so" look when I came downstairs this morning. That darn cat, always thinks she's right. I'll talk to her... after I get some sleep.

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