Thursday, April 16, 2009

New sounds (and sights)

As you might be able to tell from some of the videos here, I tend to have country music playing in the background when I'm at home. One of the socialization assignments this week, however, is to expose Dempsey to new sounds, so I sadly turned off the new Hayes Carll album I'd been enjoying and turned on Daytime TV. Oh, the things I do for this puppy.

Being frugal, we've long resisted paying $100+ per month for premium cable. After a day and a half of daytime basic cable, I now understand why people pay that much: They have to. 
Happily, Dempsey and I have exactly the same reaction to over 90% of what we saw/heard on Daytime Basic Cable TV. I'll let you guess the one thing we disagreed on. (Hint: It is not "Judge Alex.") Here are his reactions:

The Young & the Restless: Snooze. 
MHz Worldview news: Snooze.
Curious George: Let's go kill that monkey!
Julia Child: What kind of animal is that?
Blue's Clues: Snooze. 
CSPAN: I need the frozen water bottle for my head, please.
Cops: Enough with the sirens! 
Jim Cramer: Will that silly man please stop making so much noise?
Family Guy: I really need to go outside and pee now.
Judge Judy: Snooze.
Judge Mathis: Didn't we just see this?
Judge Hatchett: Enough already!
Judge Alex: If you don't give me the remote right now, I will tear this rug to pieces with my bare teeth.

I think we may be crossing from "socialization" to "animal abuse," so I've turned the TV off, and Dempsey is now happily napping in peace and quiet.

P.S. If you're wondering why we haven't posted pics lately, it's because our beloved Canon Powershot A75 has broken. Here's a photo of our kitchen, which looks like Salvador Dali painted it:

This is such bad timing, with Dempsey growing up so quickly. We're frantically shopping for a new camera, and hopefully the pics will be back soon. Please stay tuned!


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