Sunday, April 12, 2009

Sassy cat

After about two weeks, we think it's finally dawning on Bailey that Dempsey will be staying with us long-term. She's no longer content to sleep in her basket in the powder room all day. Now she comes out, whether or not Dempsey is around, and tries to find a nice sunny spot to nap.

The last couple of days, it seems like Bailey has been actively taunting Dempsey. For example, she'll sit very conspicuously outside his kennel, stretch, and maybe take a bath. Today, she actually followed Dempsey around, practically provoking him to chase her. Of course, this got Dempsey overexcited, eventually resulting in a "time out" for him. 

Here's  a video of Bailey sitting with Doreen, contentedly flicking her tail as Dempsey whimpers in the background. If you look closely, you can almost see Bailey twirling her whiskers.

That sassy cat got her comeuppance, though. After we figured out what she had done, she got the timeout the next time she tried provoking Dempsey. 

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