Thursday, May 7, 2009

"Copy cat"

Although we've never told Dempsey to "copy cat," he has nonetheless started to pick up some of Bailey's bad habits: sitting in baskets and eating newspapers, and being bored by everything.

As long as I've known her, Bailey has not liked toys. In fact, all of the toys that we had bought for her, she donated to Dempsey, including his all-time favorite, Sock-On-A-Stick (which, contrary to popular belief, we did not get at the Minnesota State Fair). Here's Dempsey being bored by his Knobbly Wobbly. As you can tell, Paul is having much more fun tossing the ball and trying to shoot the video one-handed.

We surprised Dempsey one night when he thought he was quietly tearing to shreds a newspaper:

And here's a file photo of Bailey taking a nap after (literally) digesting the Sunday paper:

Crazy animals! The only animal we could ever get to read a newspaper instead of eat a newspaper is Ralph, shown below studying a review of the Wallace & Gromit movie. 

If you can't tell, we've wanted a dog for a long time.


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  1. Thanks for the chuckle. The video and pic of the potted pup are priceless!