Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Going "Up North"

It's a requirement. Everyone who lives in the Twin Cities is required by law to go "up north" to "the cabin" at "the lake" at least once a year. Since it's officially summer, we thought we would take Dempsey on his mandatory trip up north, to the north shore of Lake Superior.

We started early, packing up Dempsey, Bailey, and all their accoutrement and loading the Jeep. We left home around 11am, less than three hours after we had started rounding everything up. As much as Paul loves his B5.5 A4, he thinks it really might be time for a minivan! With two animals, the Jeep was really packed.

The first stop was Jay Cooke State Park, where we had a picnic lunch and Dempsey practiced his table manners. Bailey, who usually accompanies us on our road trips without Dempsey, was not too pleased that Dempsey was fed first.

The next stop was downtown Duluth, where Doreen and Paul took Dempsey out to Canal Park and the Duluth Lift Bridge. It was a great socialization exercise, as Dempsey learned to ignore all the noise from the traffic and drawbridge and to focus on his trainer. He also met a lot of really nice people, including two exchange students from South America!

Next, we....

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