Friday, May 22, 2009

Happy (Belated) Mother's Day!

Because Dempsey is a sweet and thoughtful little puppy, he decided to go see his mother, Cheers, for a belated Mother's Day visit last Saturday.

The night before, he took a bath, brushed his teeth, cleaned his ears, got a pedicure, and bought a small bag of treats to bring as a Mother's Day present. Ok, actually we had to give him the bath, hold him down for the ear cleaning and pedicure, and trick him into parting with the bag of treats. He's still a little puppy, after all.

It was a fun day! Also visiting were Dempsey's brother Benny and sister Becca, who lives 3 doors down from Cheers. Everybody had a great afternoon playing!

Puppies piling on Mommy, just like old times:

Dempsey and Benny playing tug of war:

Here are Dempsey and Benny practicing for the synchronized fetch team:

Becca, meanwhile, was busy impersonating a Dachshund:

Becca playing with the Wham-O:

Benny's turn:

Dempsey taking a break:

Cheers watching the puppies:

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