Saturday, May 2, 2009

Sister visit!

Today was an exciting day for Dempsey. His sister Angel came for a visit!

It was also an exciting day for Paul and Doreen. One puppy is fun; two puppies are way more fun!

It helped that Angel, true to her name, was a perfect angel. She shared her toys, listened to Doreen and Paul, and despite being in a totally unfamiliar house, did not have a single "accident." We couldn't ask for a better puppy guest!

It was interesting seeing how different Angel and Dempsey are. Angel is petite and girly, prancing instead of walking, wearing a cute pink collar and an ID tag with a heart; Dempsey is all boy, taller and heavier, always clomping and crashing into things. 

The other thing we noticed is what a big difference distractions make for a puppy. From class, we know that Angel and Dempsey are at the same level in training, but  in a familiar environment (his house), with his own "parents" giving the cues, Dempsey was much more attentive. It really makes you appreciate how much time and effort it takes to train a service dog to perform well in any environment.

Mostly, though, we played and had fun! Below are some pics and videos from the happy day.

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