Sunday, May 31, 2009

Wag, Walk, and Run

Dempsey went to the Wag, Walk, and Run fundraiser for Helping Paws yesterday. He gives a tip of the hat and wag of the tail to the event sponsors and all the nice people who helped raise money for Helping Paws.

Before we even got to the event, Dempsey spotted his siblings and joined the dogpile for some puppy wrestling.

Afterwards, Dempsey posed for some portraits with his brother Sawyer, who looks like his identical twin. (Dempsey is on the left; Sawyer is on the right.)

There were probably 400 people and dozens of dogs at the event. Whenever I go someplace with Dempsey, my focus is pretty much 100% on him (you never know what he might be chewing or chasing), so it was hard for me to tell exactly what was going on. I do know there was a band, the Blue Drifters, playing the kind of country music I like; the police department, demonstrating police dogs; and, apparently, a group of ninjas. Their stealth ninja training works remarkably well against people who are training puppies; I didn't even see them till I was looking at the pictures at home.

It was very impressive watching the "big dogs" -- so focused and well behaved! Dempsey is not quite there yet, but we did some practice. I think for a 4-month old puppy, he did very well!

It was a really fun day, but by Saturday night Doreen and Paul needed some grown-up time. Naturally, our choice for grown-up time was to go out and watch a cartoon starring a dog: Pixar's latest film, Up. Paul loves loves loves Pixar films, especially the ones by John Lasseter, who is a genius at imagining personalities for inanimate objects. Up is not a Lasseter movie, but we can still highly recommend it! We thought good dog Dug was a great portrayal of what Dempsey would talk like, if he had a high-tech talking collar.

As much as Paul likes watching the credits in Pixar films, the movie reminded us we had a real puppy at home, waiting to see us. We left before the credits were over. This might not sound like much, unless you know how much Paul likes watching the credits. Dogs really do change everything!

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