Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Back in town

Dempsey came home late Monday night/Tuesday morning after a long drive from Ohio.
He really enjoyed his vacation! We'll have more details once we have everything unpacked, cleaned up, and settled.

In his absence, our neighbors Romi and Mike made a really nice "welcome home" sign for Dempsey, which we've put up on our refrigerator.

And, just to give everybody equal time, here's an older sign for Bailey made by her cat-sitter, Celeste:

Dempsey took the "vacation" thing a little too seriously, which resulted in some dress code violations (more on that later). Now that we're back home, we're back to training seriously.

Here's Dempsey demonstrating his new skill, "push." Hudson's parents taught this to Dempsey while we were in Baltimore, and Dempsey hadn't practiced at all in Ohio. When we came home, over a week later, Dempsey still remembered how to do it perfectly. We think the "genius" on Romi and Mike's sign is pretty accurate!

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