Monday, June 15, 2009

More pictures with Angel

I was hoping Dempsey and Angel would entertain each other while I prepared for our trip to Ohio, but alas they ended up entertaining me more than each other. I spent way too much time just watching them.

Dempsey got his rabies shot today, and as the vet predicted, he was a little tired. For once, he was not the most active puppy around. Here's Dempsey posing, while Angel walks all over him:

Here's a picture of Dempsey with what appears to be Godzilla's foot:

Here's a better picture of the two of them:

Here's Dempsey showing off. I was trying to get the puppies dressed for class, and I told Dempsey to wait while I got Angel ready. As you can see, Dempsey gets an "F" for "wait," but an "A" for cute.

Ok, back to packing....


  1. I think that would be an A+ fur khute!


  2. I agree with Khyra and WOW are your floors shiny!
    I could slide all over on those.

    Hoover BPD(Battery Powered Dog)

  3. Hey there!
    Fun photos. Nice to visit...
    We have something for you over at my site!

    Come check it out!
    Sierra Rose.