Friday, September 25, 2009

Our dog is an awesome dog!

We've been trying really hard not to be too gushy about Dempsey, but sometimes we can't help it. Our dog is an awesome dog!!!

On Wednesday, Dempsey went to a corporate demo at OptumHealth. We were there for about two and half hours, sitting at a booth right next to the cafeteria entrance during lunch. And Dempsey was a perfect puppy the whole time! Never once tried stealing food, never once jumped up during a greeting. For the whole time, he sat politely, looking cute, until we'd attracted a small crowd. Then he went to work demonstrating his skills in retrieving objects, tugging gloves off, pushing drawers shut, and flipping the light switch. Then, when he was done, he would take a bow for the audience.

We couldn't have asked for a better performance! We were there with Dempsey's teacher, but if Dempsey was nervous at all, he never showed it. We had packed high-value and ultra-high-value treats in case of emergencies, but Dempsey worked practically the whole time for plain kibble. We think he did remarkably well for his age!

Of course, being a puppy, he wasn't quite as perfect as big dogs Claire and Maisie were. About two hours in, he got bored waiting in drop-stays, and starting chewing his leash. (Though a few peanut butter treats were enough to get his attention back.) And on his bows, he was sometimes facing me and not the audience, so it looked like he was mooning them. Fortunately, everybody we met was very nice and told us what a cute butt Dempsey has.

Dempsey gives a big thank you to the good folks at OptumHealth for inviting Helping Paws to be part of their United Giving Campaign Showcase! For any of you thinking of making charitable contributions through payroll deductions, we really encourage it: It's so easy and painless! When you make a contribution to United Way, simply designate Helping Paws as your charity of choice by using Helping Paws' donor choice designation number: 315127.

We are soooooooo proud of our little boy!!! Dempsey is the greatest, best puppy God has ever given man on the face of the earth. (Of course, as his parents, we'll admit we may not be fair and balanced.)


  1. Yes, your doG is an awesome doG. And, my doGs are awesome doGs. I can't tell you how many times I've thought that God really hit a home run when He made dogs and sent them to be our friends.

  2. PeeEss: If you have the time, please go to our blog and follow the link to Domi's blog. She was a therapy dog who has just passed away. Once you read her story, you will fall in love.

  3. Great job, Dempsey boy! And Pawl - he wasn't mooning the crowd - he was just showing off his butt fluff.