Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Dempsey's doppelgänger

Dempsey has another visitor this week: His brother Sawyer. Sawyer, you may recall, looks like Dempsey's twin. Now that he's been here a few hours, we've learned that the similarity is more than skin deep.

For example, Sawyer packed his favorite toy: The Kong Squirrel. This is also Dempsey's favorite toy.

Sawyer has a green Gentle Leader and leash -- just like Dempsey. Sawyer has a large Pet Lodge kennel -- just like Dempsey.

And in class, when we had to develop our own lesson plan for a skill we picked, Sawyer learned "GI Joe." Dempsey learned "Semper Fido." They are both the same behavior: A belly crawl.

Whooo, spooky. Here are some pics of the two. Can you tell who is who?


  1. Correct! A true Dempsey fan. You did better than Dempsey's parents did somedays :)