Friday, November 6, 2009

Dempsey's theme

As we've mentioned, our theme song for Dempsey is "Mama Tried."

Dempsey says his theme song for us is Paul McCartney's "Distractions":

The postman's at the door,
While the telephone rings on the kitchen wall.
Pretend we're not at home and they'll disappear.
I want to be with you, tell me what I can do,
Nothing is too small.
Away from all this jazz, we could do anything at all.

Distractions, like butterflies, are buzzing 'round my head.
When I'm alone, I think of you,
And the things we'd do if we could only be through
With these distractions.

Dempsey asked that I share these lyrics before posting this video of him practicing "rest your head."

Of course, we still think "Mama Tried" is Dempsey's most appropriate theme song. Here's the little evildoer stealing crutches, unlike his good sister Boston:


  1. Oh Dempsey!!! Great videos! Love "rest your head"....I think mom's going to try that one with me....we'll see. And, I would have zoomed all over the house with that crutch!
    Looks like some great lessons going on there.

    Hugs and snaggle-tooth kisses,
    Sierra Rose and mom

  2. You are one smart dog! I'll be sure to stay in touch to find out what new things you've learned. I personally steal socks, but maybe it's because I'm a Chi and the crutch would be a bit unbearable. lol