Thursday, January 7, 2010

The Wichita stick

Ask Dempsey what his most favoritist part of his vacation to Phoenix and L.A. was, and he'll tell you it was the Wichita stick.

The Wichita stick is a 3-foot long stick that he found in our friend's backyard in Wichita. When he found it, he proudly pranced around the yard, carrying it in his mouth. It was so big, he tripped over it a couple of times, and he even whacked me in the knees with it once when he was running by. (Another alternate career for Dempsey: Service dog for Tony Soprano.)

We didn't think to shoot a video of him with the stick until just before he got over-excited, jumping up to grab it, instead of sitting politely until we threw it. Since jumping is very bad manners, we decided to take the stick away. But where to put a 3-foot stick? Doreen found a clever hiding place. Here are two videos: The first shows Dempsey running to the usual places, looking for the stick, and the second shows him after he finally found it, trying to show he can be a polite little dog.

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  1. Oh my gosh - that's so funny. YAY for enjoying Wichita!!!