Wednesday, March 24, 2010

March Goodness

Helping Paws is part of a select group of nonprofits competing for grants based on fundraising through the Razoo giving network. Here's how it works:
Sixty-four nonprofits (16 in each of four regions) will participate in the main tournament, which runs through March 30. This competition is based on the number of unique donations of $10, as tracked by e-mail addresses. The winner in each region will win a grant, in addition to the money they raise. The regional winners also go on to play in the Final Four, April 2-6, where they can compete for another grant!

Dempsey encourages you to make a small, $10 donation to Helping Paws so we can win the prize! We think it's a great cause. You can re-read our pitch and Dempsey's interview from last year here.

Though the bean-counters say Dempsey will be worth $15,000 when he graduates, we know his true value to someone with a physical disability will be priceless. And if that's not enough, here are 11 good reasons why Helping Paws could use your dough. (And sometime later this week, we'll have another 10 or so reasons, too.)

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