Monday, April 5, 2010

The final four

We're happy to report that Helping Paws has made it to the Final Four in Razoo's March Goodness giving campaign!

This means that Helping Paws was one of the top 4 charities in the country in the previous round, and is now competing to raise the most dollars, with a chance to win a $10,000 grant. The Final Four runs through 11:59pm EDT, April 6. We'd like to ask that you please consider making a donation to Helping Paws through the Razoo Website and help us win the $10,000 grant.

Here's a YouTube video (featuring some of Dempsey's new brothers and sisters!) that describes the good work Helping Paws does for people with physical disabilities.


Since there's a very good chance you're a dog lover like us, I'd like to add my own two cents to the "official" appeal. In their communications, Helping Paws focuses on how much service dogs help people. What isn't emphasized is how much Helping Paws does for the dogs.

Every Helping Paws dog comes with free, lifetime "tech support," 24/7. This is not something that can be easily outsourced overseas. Helping Paws has on staff two paid "client services coordinators," whose job
is to visit clients' homes and help with any dog-related issues.
  • Do you have a new, specialized skill you'd like to teach your service dog? Helping Paws will help!
  • Is your dog starting to do things he knows he's not supposed to do, like jumping on the bed? (Sound familiar, Dempsey?) Helping Paws will help!
  • Did you have a medical emergency, and are now in the hospital with no one to take care of your service dog? Helping Paws will help!
  • Were you illegally discriminated against by a business that denied entry to your service dog? Helping Paws will help!
In addition, Helping Paws maintains an emergency fund for service dogs. Many of the people who receive Helping Paws service dogs are on fixed incomes. In an emergency, it may be difficult for them to pay for proper veterinary care, or even essentials like dog food. Helping Paws will help!

Helping Paws really approaches their mission with a view to the whole life of the dogs. The client services coordinators evaluate the health of the dogs, and help decide when a service dog should retire. And when a dog retires, Helping Paws will find a good "retirement home." Helping Paws dogs do not work till they die, and they will never end up, old and unwanted, in an animal shelter. They will always, always have a good life.

Service dogs really do so much for the people who get them, and Helping Paws does a lot for these dogs. We really believe in the cause, and we hope you're able to make a contribution to the little helping paws at Helping Paws.

Thank you so much!!!

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