Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Please hold

One of the "Big Dog" skills we've been focusing on lately is "hold." Before Big Dogs class, Dempsey used to let go of whatever object he'd retrieved as soon as your hand was near his mouth.

It hadn't really occurred to us that this could be problematic for someone with limited hand mobility, but in retrospect it's obvious -- we have a large can of tomato sauce with a toe-sized identation, caused when somebody let go of the can too soon. Ouch!

The goal now is to have Dempsey firmly hold an object, without chomping on it, until we tell him to "give." Dempsey has really taken this to heart, and now he sometimes snatches back the object if he thinks you're jostling it too much: "Uh uh! Say it! Say the word! I won't give it up till you say uncle!"

I think the snatch-back is pretty cute, but I imagine we'll have to un-train that, too.

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