Thursday, July 22, 2010


You may have noticed that this blog has become less funny as Doreen and I have become less incompetent. Loyal blog readers may consider this a negative, though there's a lot to be said for not getting pee in your eye.

So in an effort to improve this blog's sagging ratings, we introduce: Jesse!

We first met Jesse when the Helping Paws foster home coordinator asked if we'd be willing to have a play date for a new foster mom who was worried her little boy wasn't getting enough socialization with other dogs.

We said yes! We figured that any foster parent who worried so much about their puppy must have a very well-socialized, calm, confident puppy. We weren't disappointed.

The first time Jesse came to our house, he marched right in and helped himself to Dempsey's toy box.

Of course, being a little baby boy, Jesse got stuck, and Mom had to help him get out.

We had forgotten about Dempsey's raised water bowl, but Jesse didn't mind that it was a bit high for him. He just marched right up and helped himself anyway.

Jesse is even very talented at playing squirrel tug. I laughed at Dempsey when he lost to a little puppy, but Dempsey says he was letting Jesse win. Hmm. Here's the evidence:

We think Jesse will grow up to be a great service dog!

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