Sunday, July 11, 2010

Speak at last

When I was in high school, a guidance counselor came to class one day to give everybody career guidance. Using a high-tech "computer program" that asked probing questions such as "Do you like to lift heavy objects?", the counselor came up with the top 3 career choices for everyone. Mine were, in order:

1. Bartender
2. Dance instructor
3. College professor

Oddly, this list was somewhat accurate. In college, I worked one summer as a dance instructor. Specifically, I was a teacher's aide, and I taught 5-year-olds how to do the hokey pokey. The kids were impressed that I never got my right foot mixed up with my left foot, disproving Doreen's assertion that I have two left feet.

Unfortunately, no one over the age of 6 has ever been impressed with my dancing skills. This includes Dempsey. The first time I tried following along with Doreen's Cardio Salsa workout, Dempsey started barking as I flailed my arms and narrowly missed bonking Doreen in the head. Bingo!

We gradually raised the criteria by "dancing" less and less, and eventually we were able to get Dempsey to "speak" on cue.

There may be a future yet for me in dance.

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