Monday, November 15, 2010

Dempsey on TV!

We think Dempsey is a star, and now we actually have some evidence: He appeared today on Twin Cities Live, on ABC affiliate KSTP.

TCL is a talk show, but Dempsey didn't do much speaking -- he failed his screen test. Mostly, his job was to look cute while Dana Nelson of spoke about Give to the Max day. Billed as the "Great Minnesota Give Together," Give to the Max Day is a day when Minnesotans will be challenged to raise as much money as possible for non-profits in 24 hours.

Helping Paws is participating in Give to the Max Day again this year. Thanks to an anonymous donor, the first $15,000 donated to Helping Paws will be matched, dollar-for-dollar. Helping Paws also has a chance to win additional money: Every hour, a donor will be randomly selected, and that donor's charity will get an additional $1,000. There's also $20,000 for the organization that has the most individual donors.

We're big believers in Helping Paws, and Dempsey asks that you consider making a donation tomorrow.

It's an important message, but we think Dempsey did a great job helping deliver it on TV. He was so calm and confident, ignoring all the lights, cameras, and action:

Dempsey was even comfortable mingling backstage with celebrities, like TCL co-host Elizabeth Ries:

Backstage, Dempsey checked out the dressing rooms:

We wanted to make sure Dempsey looked his best, but Dempsey said he had already powdered his nose last week, while Doreen was baking cupcakes for Hudson:

When the cameras started rolling, Dempsey hit his mark like a pro.

Dempsey says he even did a better job on his "stay" than Doreen:

I know it may not look like much, but "stay" is particularly hard for our spastic little puppy. Before Dempsey graduates, he'll need to be able to stay in a drop for 30 minutes. Right now, he can do a drop-stay for about 9 minutes under ideal conditions.

Luckily for today's show, Dempsey has been practicing very hard at his stays. Last night, he visited his friends Bridget and Samantha, where his dad made him practice his stays under very distracting circumstances. Bridget and Samantha did great at their stays, but as you can see, somebody is ready to spring up and play.

Thank you Bridget and Samantha for the practice! It really paid off for today.


  1. Way to go Dempsey! You are a super star!


  2. Bridget and Samantha know a superstar! How exciting. Next time Dempsey is here, we will ask for his autograph. :-)