Saturday, November 13, 2010

White Christmas

Christmas came early this year for Dempsey: It snowed.

Normally, Dempsey is a very quiet boy in the morning, waiting patiently till we get up before he asks to go to the bathroom or to play. Not today. Today, he was up bright and early a little after 6am, insistently ringing the bathroom bell. Half asleep, I crawled out of my warm bed, went downstairs, let him out, let him back in, and then crawled back into bed.

Then Dempsey rang the bathroom bell again. I crawled out of my warm bed, went downstairs, and opened the door. This time, though, Dempsey wouldn't go out. He just sat by the open door, wagging his tail. I told him to get going, but then he gave me a play bow. He was talking so fast, I couldn't catch everything, but it went something like this:

"Hi!!! Dad!!! Good morning!!! Old Man Winter came by last night, and you know, he leaves snow for all the good little doggies, and I must be a good little doggie, because when I woke up this morning and looked outside, I saw all this snow, and it must be for me, because I'm a good little doggie, and all that snow looks really really really fun to play in, and to eat, and to roll around in, and I'm just sooooo excited, I can't wait to go outside to play and to eat and to play and, and to roll around in all the snow that Old Man Winter left for good doggies like me!"

I'd have to be a Grinch to deny Christmas to a little doggie, so I reluctantly bundled up and stepped outside so Dempsey could play, eat, and roll around in the snow while I shivered and watched him. I tried taking a video, but as you'll see, I'm not at my best at 6:30 in the morning on a Saturday.

That crazy dog! No one else in the family likes getting up early to play in snow. I'm pretty sure he's adopted.


  1. How fun! It must have been so exciting for him!


  2. Awesome snow zoomies! Lucky you! Can't wait to play in the snow :)

    Hugs and snaggle-tooth kisses,
    Sierra Rose

  3. Hi!
    I would like to offer you a very good Christmas album.
    All the classic it is, I just love the man.

  4. Could be worse; he could be a Husky. We live outside Rochester, NY, one of America's snowiest cities, and as far as our Katya is concerned, it would be all right if it snowed every day of the year...
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