Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Happy birthday, Jesse!

Happy birthday to Jesse, one of Dempsey's best friends!

It's hard to believe Jesse is one year old already. He's grown up quite a bit since we first met him.

We haven't posted much lately, because our computer is on the fritz. The @#^&^@ thing has been blue-screening frequently, so we've been trying to use it very lightly till its replacement arrives, any day now, we hope. With all the reliability problems we've had with our computer, we decided to spend a little extra this time, and we ordered a rugged, business-class ThinkPad. I now officially feel like the PC in the Mac commercials.

Anyway, we'll post some pictures of Dempsey's latest adventures once we've transferred everything safely to the ThinkPad. Now, please excuse me while I run off to buy a gray flannel suit to match our new computer.

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