Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Fowl weather

Now that winter is finally over, Dempsey has been enjoying the fowl weather: warm(er) temperatures and bare trees where you can easily see bird nests.

Bird week started when one morning when I went to get the paper and spotted some wild turkeys wandering down our street, only a couple miles from downtown Minneapolis. Dempsey looked out the storm door, but he didn't seem to notice them. Having once had a scary run-in with angry birds while kayaking near some swan nests, I was pretty happy with Dempsey's blasé reaction.

We continued bird week with a trip to North Mississippi Regional Park. Doreen and I brought the binoculars and spent some time looking at the blue heron rookery, while Dempsey practiced his long drop-stays.

We also took another drip downriver to look for bald eagles, and we found a nest near Lake Rebecca in Hastings. Since I forgot to bring the camera, I used afocal projection with the 20x80 to get an EFL of 2,000mm. In less highfalutin terms, I help my camera-phone up to the binoculars and hoped for the best.

I don't think National Geographic will be calling me anytime soon.

(Where's Waldo? Believe it or not, there's a bald eagle in the nest if you look hard enough.)

On the bright side, Dempsey is doing much better at not pulling on his leash when he sees birds or squirrels. That's because we've been working pretty hard on that.

What we haven't been working on, however, is not pulling on the leash when a plastic grocery bag blows by. Just when you think you have him well trained, Dempsey will find something new that needs work.

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