Saturday, April 2, 2011

Le manège enchanté

As part of Dempsey's homework, we've been asked to expose him to some novel visual movements. It's been a bit of a challenge, since it feels sometimes like we've already taken him everywhere. But a couple of weeks ago, we discovered a carousel at Maplewood Mall.

Finding a carousel in an unexpected place reminded me a little bit of Paris, where carousels seem to pop up for a few weeks everywhere. Discovering a carousel with Dempsey reminded me of Paris in another way: Un film we saw there starring a badly drawn dog, a scarf-wearing snail, and a magic merry-go-round: Pollux: Le manège enchanté.

Dempsey was a very good boy by the carousel. As we expected of him, he wasn't afraid when it started moving, and he ignored the little girl who squealed and blew kisses at him every time she rode by. It's a real pleasure having such a well-behaved dog, but sometimes I miss puppy Dempsey, and how he was so curious about everything.

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