Friday, April 1, 2011

X lax

This year for Dempsey's anniversary, we decided to expose him to some "X lax": Professional lacrosse at the Xcel Energy Center in St Paul.

The Minneapolis Swarm (whose owner, BTW, owns a Golden retriever!) invited Helping Paws to see the first televised Swarm game, against the Buffalo Bandits. A big thank you to the Swarm for this wonderful socialization opportunity!

I've seen a couple of Division I lacrosse games, and what I remembered most vividly was seeing preppies from Ivy League schools on the field, slashing and checking each other with wild abandon. Because Dempsey doesn't like violence, I was a little worried he might be upset with all the action.

He wasn't. He was totally focused on me, not paying any attention to the players, or to the balls flying around.

In fact, all the Helping Paws dogs were good little canine citizens. I thought with all the cheering and excitement, someone would get overexcited, but everybody was perfectly behaved for the whole game.

Here's a picture of Dempsey doing a nice drop-stay with three of his siblings. From top to bottom, Nala, Sawyer, Benny, and Dempsey:

Like his dad, Dempsey thinks cheerleaders are much more interesting than the players.

Unlike his dad, Dempsey is quite successful at attracting attention from cheerleaders.

Despite being overshadowed by Dempsey -- a pretty common occurrence, really -- we had a blast! Thanks again to the Minnesota Swarm for a fun afternoon!

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  1. How fun! ...and the pups look like they were all model citizens!