Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The boy is back!

Dempsey returned tonight from his "business trip" with his prospective new mom.

Doreen and I were careful not to let him pack his toys for this business trip, but when he came home, he proudly pulled out of his bag two brand new toys that his prospective new mom had bought for him: a fuzzy goose and a crazy chicken.

In Dempsey's skills self-evaluation, we talked about how skilled he was at retrieving credit cards or pieces of paper, and how he can easily open doors. I guess we should've mentioned, though, that by far his best skill is getting what he wants from people.

Dempsey says: "Thank you, nice new mom! I had a lot of fun and I really like the new toys! I think I'm going to like living with you. Lots of love, snuggles, and kisses! (And lots of toys, too, please! And treats. Treats are good, too!)"

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  1. Hi! Yesterday I was missing Dempsey (after his business trip) so I looked online to see if Helping Paws had any pictures of Dempsey. Boy did I hit the jackpot discovering a whole blog. I am excite to read it all. About the toys, you are right that he communicates his wishes. I have a key chain with a small stuffed retriever toy on it. After he stole it a few times, running off tossing it, his message was received, and he was pleased with himself that he got it through to the human. I had a great time with him, and really look forward to embark upon the future with him.