Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Hi Mom!!!

Dempsey says:
"Hi (new) Mom!!!Hi! Hi! I love the toys you bought for me. And I love you! Thank you! I had fun with you. I'm bored now. Mom Doreen and Dad Paul moved to a new house. All they do is move boxes around. Buddy the cat likes the boxes, but I'm bored.

"Every time they open a box, I think it's a present for me. But it isn't. They haven't bought me a new toy in weeks! They say we have too much stuff, but I don't think you can have too many toys. I love you and I think I'll have alot of fun with you. Love, Dempsey."

Paul and Doreen say:

We'll try to update Dempsey's blog more often -- we've just been pretty busy! Right now, we're too tired for words, but Dempsey's colleague Sheldon has volunteered to demonstrate how we feel:

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