Saturday, July 9, 2011

Sheldon trains Dempsey

As we mentioned in our previous post, little Sheldon is a very mature little puppy. Last Monday, I was trying to teach him to go potty on different surfaces, and so I took Sheldon for a walk down our alley. Sheldon told me that he didn't need a leash, and proceeded to do a nice loose leash walk -- while carrying his own leash.

It took a few treats before I persuaded him it wasn't necessary for him to carry his leash while I was holding the other end.

Sheldon is such a good little boy, we've even been using him to help train Dempsey. Well, we're using Sheldon's kennel, at least. One of the problems Dempsey has is that he likes to sprawl out in the car, and he refuses to jump into a car that doesn't have plenty of space for him. Because he won't always have the luxury of riding first class, we've been working on getting him to jump into (and ride nicely in) a full car. Sheldon's kennel was perfect for this.

Demps isn't very happy about this, but I think he's finally resigned himself to riding "economy" sometimes.

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