Saturday, July 2, 2011

This is NOT a puppy

Doreen and I were overjoyed when we got a last-minute request to babysit a puppy during the Fourth of July weekend.

But despite his puppy-like appearance, we did not get a puppy. We got a well-behaved little dog, even though Sheldon here is 11 weeks old.

Since we got him yesterday afternoon, he has had zero accidents in the house. When he needs to go, he lets us know by sitting by the door and whimpering. He sleeps through the night. He does not steal food. He does not chew everything in sight. When we eat meals, he lies quietly under the table.

When I throw a ball, he actually retrieves it.When I took him out to potty last night, he was completely unperturbed by the lightning and thunder. This morning, when Dempsey had his regular weekly play date with his pal Jesse, Sheldon jumped right in, romping and playing with the big dogs.

We've given Sheldon a lot more freedom than Dempsey had at his age, since Sheldon uses his freedom for good, not evil. Instead of getting into mischief like some other puppies we've known, he spends his time following us around the house.

Or snuggling:

We took Sheldon on a little walk today outside the shopping center, and he did an awesome job. He met a lot of nice people, but more impressive, he was able to focus on me, doing a 10-second watch while shopping carts rolled by. We didn't get a video of that, but we'll try to get one tomorrow. It's really something to see!

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  1. Awww he is a love isn't he...?

    Goldens are my fav type of dog along with Collies...