Wednesday, September 7, 2011


Once again this year, Dempsey volunteered to do a demo at the Minnesota State Fair. Dempsey has been going to the fair his whole life, but you wouldn't be able to tell from his pictures, since none of them were obviously taken at the fair.

Since this is Dempsey's last time going to the fair with us, we went looking for a sign someplace that said "Minnesota State Fair," but alas the only sign we could find at Dempsey's height was on a recyling can. Luckily, Dempsey was happy to show what a good citizen he is by picking up a plastic bottle to recycle.

Dempsey also had the chance to visit his brother Sawyer, who is also graduating this fall. We're very proud of Dempsey's whole family!

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  1. congratulations Dempsey.I heard from someone at the dog park in Victoria that you will be graduating soon!!!That is such a great accomplishment.Your mom,dad,Buddy and new puppy must be so proud!Jasper and Oaklee say congrats too.Julie Lundberg