Tuesday, December 8, 2009

The third day of Christmas

It's now the third day of Christmas, and we've finally put all the ornaments up on the tree. This isn't a great picture, but I have to say that the dollar store ornaments don't look half bad. Tomorrow we'll add the pièce de résistance: a golden ribbon around the tree. A golden theme for a golden boy!

Dempsey has been very good so far with the ornaments, knock on wood. I think he's happy that his kennel is right between the fireplace and the Christmas tree: no chance of missing Santa!

What's been harder for him are the decorations outside. He had no problem at all with the ghosts and witches for Halloween, but he is very curious about Christmas decorations. In particular, he's fascinated by what I would describe as a giant inflatable snow globe that has two motorized penguins ice skating around the North pole. It says "Merry Christmas." I think Dempsey, like his father, is trying to figure out why penguins are at the North pole, and what exactly they have to do with Christmas.

Dempsey doesn't have much time to figure it out. The weather outside is frightful: two inches of snow tonight, followed by "blizzard-like" conditions on Wednesday, and then a high of 5 below (20 below with wind chill) on Thursday. We won't be going on any walks, needless to say. Dempsey is still so energetic, I hope the tree is still standing on Friday.

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