Saturday, January 16, 2010

Where'd he go?

The other night, we showed Dempsey a really cute video of one his colleagues at Helping Paws, Rocket.

Dempsey wasn't interested at first, but once the audio came on, Dempsey dropped his bone and started watching intently. The cutest part is at the end, when Rocket walks down the hall, and Dempsey tries to figure out where that little puppy went.

Of course, Dempsey isn't allowed on furniture -- bad dog! -- but I was having way too much fun watching him try to figure it out. Sometimes I think it would be much easier to train Dempsey if he stopped doing cute things all the time.


  1. Faith says: Way too cute!!!

  2. You should have thought of the fact that Dempsey is not allowed on the bed before entrapping him. He's so cute though. I can see why you can't discipline all the time. ;)