Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Apple pickin' time in Minnesota

With apologies to Jimmie Rodgers: It's apple pickin' time in Minnesota!

Last weekend, we took Dempsey out to Afton Apple Orchard for some fall fun. As a service dog in training, Dempsey was allowed everywhere, but the good folks at Afton Apple Orchard are very dog-friendly: We saw lots of  "civilian" dogs outdoors, enjoying the grass, and even the hayrides.

Dempsey went on a hayride, too, though I'm not sure he enjoyed it. Being a pampered pooch, he said the straw was a little scratchy, but he agreed to do a nice drop for some high-value treats.

More fun for Dempsey was watching the chainsaw artist carve statues from blocks of wood. We had never seen a demonstration of chainsaw carving, but we have to say it's pretty impressive. When Dempsey was a very young pup, he was afraid of animal statues, but we're happy to report he seems to have totally conquered his fear. Here he is posing happily with some cute little bears:

Dempsey's favorite activity, though, was visiting the petting zoo. Of course, Dempsey didn't pet any of the animals, but he really seemed to enjoy kissing ass:

Dad's own personal favorite, though, was the cider pressing demonstration. I love unpasteurized sweet apple cider, which I haven't been able to find in years. (Apparently, you can only get unpasteurized cider and very young cheese in socialist France, not in the land of the free. Crazy world, no?) Good unpasteurized cider has a bite that really makes it taste like a fresh, liquid apple. I can recommend visiting just to get a taste of the cider. Yum!

Dempsey says thank you to everyone at Afton Apple Orchard for helping him have such a fun day out!

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  1. Dempsey getting to be so brave - he almost looks like one of those statues!