Saturday, October 2, 2010

Frisking the demonstrator

Dempsey saw on the news the other night that there have been lots of demonstrations in Europe, and he asked me why he wasn't on the news. Dempsey, you see, thinks he's an active demonstrator.

He has a point. This month, Dempsey has demonstrated practically every week. I've already blogged about his demos the golf tournament and the Kiwanis Club, but there have been two more: the State Fair and the federal building.

Now that he's a year older, Dempsey did much better at the State Fair than he did the first time. This year, instead of staying for just an hour, he stayed for three. And he was able to show off a lot of skills he didn't have yet last year -- snuggle, the light switch, retrieving a quarter and a ticket stub. Here he is trying to imitate the Helping Paws logo:

And here's a picture of Dempsey showing he has no performance anxiety in front of big groups:

The other place Dempsey has demonstrated is the federal building at Fort Snelling. This was exciting for him, because it was the first time he went through a metal detector. Actually, he was pretty nonchalant about it. The first time, he walked right through, and he was only a little startled when his collar set it off. I was easily able to get him to go through it again; he wasn't scared a bit.

Dempsey's biggest disappointment was when the policeman refused to frisk him. Luckily, we met an off-duty policeman who was willing to frisk Dempsey. Crazy Dempsey even told the policeman what to do: After being thoroughly frisked behind the ears and under his chin, he rolled over and told the policeman that he'd forgotten to frisk his tummy, too.

Somehow, Dempsey thinks that being frisked indicates you're a VIP, and not a potential security threat. Even when he's working, Dempsey lives in his own little bubble of happiness.

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