Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Graduation day

It is with unbelievably immense pride that we announce that Dempsey will be graduating this Friday, September 30. Everyone is invited to attend! We hope to see you there!

Dempsey actually moved out last Wednesday, September 21, and he's been staying with his new mom for the last half of the 3-week training period.

We miss having Dempsey around, of course, but as you can tell in the photo below, we have Dylan, aka Silly Dilly, aka Dilbert, aka our therapy dog, to help with the transition. Although, as you can also tell from the photo below, as a young puppy, he's in "jail" quite a bit.

Dempsey has taught us a lot in the two years we've had him, and in the next few days, as I catch up on Dempsey's adventures, I'll share Dempsey's Life Lessons. To start, here's lesson 1:

Lesson #1: Poop bags are quite handy
I now carry poop bags around in my pocket everywhere I go, whether I have a dog with me or not. I use poop bags the way some people use Swiss Army knives, though Swiss Army knife owners probably don't find their knives in the dryer lint trap, as I often do when I forget to empty my pockets.

In addition to picking up poop, we've used poop bags: As a trash bag on road trips; to wrap a gift; as a flag to attract Doreen's attention in a crowd; as a makeshift water bowl; as a makeshift glove while checking the oil in my car; to wrap a leaky shampoo bottle; and to to take home a leftover pie. We now know all that poop bags can do for you. Thanks Demps!

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