Sunday, April 3, 2011

The name game

Now that many of Dempsey's "Big Dogs" classmates are getting ready to graduate, we've started thinking ahead to Dempsey's own graduation.

It's hard to imagine life without a dog, now that we've seen what a joy it is to have Dempsey around. So instead of picturing a dog-less, joy-less house, I've been imagining what it would be like to have a new Helping Paws puppy to train.

The first thought, of course, would be what to name him. I think new puppy's name should represent all the qualities that we've seen in service dogs (and service puppies in training). We haven't picked a name yet, but here are some ideas.

Einstein: Because he will be a genius; also, so if he tracks paw prints on the newly mopped floor, we won't sound so sarcastic when we tell him, "Way to go, Einstein."

Because he will be a big help around the house, and so we can blame him by saying he did it: Butler.

Because he will be smart, good-looking, athletic, and well-bred: Winklevoss.

Because he will actually have one: T-Paw.

Because he could grow up to be the President's dog, or at least the Vice President's: Bo Biden.

Because he will be loyal, trustworthy, helpful, and similarly colored: Smithers.

Because he will love to hunt rabbits, though he will never actually catch one: Fudd.
Because he will be a Golden Retriever: Harry.

Winklevoss or Fudd. Hmm. This is going to require some more thought.


  1. Little known fun fact - or six degrees of separation:

    The Winklevoss twins became Olympians because my nephew and his teammate relinguished the Men's Pair boat to row with the Men's Eight.