Sunday, April 5, 2009

Sick kitty!

Saturday was a busy day: Dempsey up at 6am; conference call with folks in India and London at 9am; a sick kitty cat peeing blood; mopping the entire first floor; an encounter with a mean, can-collecting trash picker; chewing a dead squirrel; practice tooth brushing (several times); mastering the "watch" cue; more getting used to the Gentle Leader; a trip to the mechanic to pick up Doreen's Jeep (which has now been in the shop 6 times in the last 4 weeks to fix the same problem); a trip to the vet for Bailey; a near-miss car accident on Lowry (Bailey slept through it all); trying to give Bailey medicine; more playing and training with Dempsey; 3 loads of laundry; and finally cleaning the kitchen.

The vet thinks Bailey's urinary tract infection is stress-related, so we're trying to spend more time with her away from the puppy. Despite all the cleaning, it still looks like Taz went through the house, which is a fair description of Dempsey in the morning.

Dempsey loves the snow, which is a good thing for a Minnesota dog.

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