Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Doggie banana split

Doreen cooked up so many treats for Hudson, I'm still trying to blog about them all. In addition to the puppy cupcakes, Doreen baked some cinammon rolls, using a recipe she found on Dog Treat Kitchen.

My personal favorite, though, is the doggie banana split, which is something we thought up ourselves.

It's kind of a Rachel Ray recipe (i.e., assembling pre-made stuff vs cooking from scratch), but here's what we did:

Doggie banana split
Makes 2 servings

2oz plain hung yogurt ("whipped cream")
3oz pureed blueberries ("chocolate syrup")
A few rasperries ("maraschino cherries")
A few Little Stars sweet potato treats for garnish ("crushed peanuts")
1 medium banana ("banana")
4 small scoops lowfat vanilla ice cream from McDonald's ("ice cream") -- we used a cookie scooper

I think this should be self-evident. Also, I am lazy.

Speaking of lazy, here is one of my favorite pictures of Hudson from our archives. We took this on the way home from a long walk at Harriet Island. Dempsey curls up and sleeps in the car, but Hudson loves looking out the window.

Hudson was really tired from his walk, but like a little kid, he insisted he wasn't. He kept nodding off while he was looking out the window, and eventually he fell asleep and started snoring while he was sitting up.

Hudson is such a lovable little goofball.

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  1. Very nice! I sure hope Hudson isn't eating the banana split? It makes my Mom really want one!