Friday, July 15, 2011

Dempsey's business trip

For the past month, Dempsey has been busy going to the training center, interviewing applicants for service dogs.

The process of matching applicants to service dogs is a complex one, with the staff considering lots of variables: skill level, activity level, temperament, experience with kids or other pets, among others. And, of course, there's that ever elusive "fit": Dempsey makes the ultimate decision for who he wants to live with. If he doesn't like someone, then all of the other variables don't matter.

The feedback we've received is that Dempsey, of course, loves everyone. He worked happily for all the applicants, and he wasn't selective in giving kisses and snuggles to people. We were happy to hear that, because it means that Dempsey will be happy no matter where he goes.

Yesterday, Dempsey packed his bag (literally) for a business trip: He's spending the weekend with an applicant who has a "civilian" pet dog and cat, to see if he gets along with everyone in the family. Although this is a business trip, when we asked him to "get" stuff to "put" in his bag, he also grabbed a toy. Happy Dempsey always plans on having fun.

He's been out for over a day now, and he hasn't been sent back, which leads us to believe he's getting along nicely with his new friends.

We already kinda miss the little guy. Instead of playing hide and seek after dinner like we usually do, we spent some time looking at pictures of Dempsey and noticed there were a few we haven't blogged yet.

Below are some pictures of Dempsey at Art-A-Whirl, the "largest open studio and gallery tour in the U.S."

Riding the Art-a-Whirl trolley to different studios:

Inside the spooky, abandoned Hollywood Theater:

Here Dempsey looks a little weirded out by the "ghosts" behind him at the theater:


  1. Great pictures! I don't know how you do it - I would miss the pups terribly!


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