Saturday, May 9, 2009

Pomp and circumstance

Dempsey went to a graduation ceremony last night! This was not for him, of course -- he still has a lot to learn -- but for two other dogs, Maeve and Charlie, and their new parents. It was a lovely evening that reminded us why we love our work with Dempsey, and how he will touch so many lives. 

The event was covered by WCCO news, which ran a series on Tyler, a bright young high school student recovering from a paralyzing football injury. His courage and determination are truly inspiring; we encourage you to watch the videos showing his progress.

One of the questions we get frequently in the Dempsey mailbag is "How can you give up your dog?" I think last night is a perfect answer to that question. 

Angel and Dempsey, trying to watch the ceremony. (It's hard to get a good view when you're only 18 inches tall!)


  1. You'll be asked that question a thousand times! Judy M. gave me the best response..."We don't give them up, we give them to!"

  2. That response originally came from Rob C. It is the best I've heard and I use it often. Judy