Tuesday, May 26, 2009


We interrupt the regularly scheduled programming on this blog with a Blog-A-Thon!

This Saturday (too soon for Doreen and Paul!), Helping Paws will be hosting their Wag, Walk, and Run fundraiser. To tell you a little more about this important fundraiser are parents Doreen and Paul; their attorney, Norbert; Bailey the cat; and in his first media interview ever, Dempsey! 

Doreen: Hello everyone!

Paul: Welcome to the Dempsey Blog-A-Thon!

Dempsey: Hi! Hi! HI!!!!

Norbert: Good afternoon.

Bailey: Salutations.

Doreen: We're here to tell you about Wag, Walk and Run.

Paul: It's a fundraiser for Helping Paws, a non-profit organization dedicated to furthering the independence of individuals with physical disabilities through the use of service dogs.

Dempsey: Hi! That's me! They're talking about me!

Doreen: That's right! Helping Paws is a great organization. Paul and I did a lot of research before committing to volunteering, and we think Helping Paws is world-class.

Paul: But don't just take our word for it. Did you know Helping Paws is one of only about 30 organizations in the whole world that are fully accredited by Assistance Dogs International?

Norbert: That is statisically quite impressive.

Doreen: You bet! Helping Paws meets the toughest standards in the world ensuring that dogs are treated humanely, clients are treated with respect and dignity, and training is professional and of the highest standards.

Paul: And Helping Paws meets all standards of the Charities Review Council.

Norbert: I recommend you do your own due diligence at SmartGivers.org
Doreen: So that's why we're committed. We've already donated hundreds of hours and hundreds of dollars to Helping Paws, and now we'd like to ask you to help as well.

Paul: Just to be clear, we are not seeking reimbursement for our own expenses. We're donating that. But there are lots of other expenses.

Norbert: The estimated value of each service dog, for tax purposes, is about $15,000. 
Doreen: In addition to the food, treats, toys, and veterinary care that we provide Dempsey, there are lots of other costs: the training facility, practice wheelchairs, eye and hip screenings, and spaying and neutering, to mention a few.

Dempsey: Hi! Spraying and what?

Bailey: You don't want to know.

Paul: Your donation goes directly to Helping Paws. And it's fully tax deductible!

Norbert: Tax deductions are subject to limitations from the alternative income tax and income phase-out provisions of the IRS code. Please contact your tax attorney for advice regarding your individual tax situation.

Paul: Uh, thanks, Norbert. As you may know, we're donating the proceeds from the advertising on this blog to Helping Paws.

Doreen: But despite having thousands of visitors, we've still only earned about $7.37.

Bailey: That's not even enough for a bag of catnip for me.
Paul: That's why we're asking loyal followers of this blog to make a small donation to Helping Paws.

Doreen: Whatever you can donate -- $100, $50, even $10 -- would be greatly appreciated!

Paul: You know, Doreen, the programming on this blog is special. All the stimulating conversation about puppy poop, puppy pee, and puppy puke -- you can't find that anywhere else on the Web!

Bailey:  Except for here, and here, and here....

Doreen: Uh, thanks Bailey. The point is, this blog is not for everyone. It takes a certain level of intelligence to appreciate it!

Bailey: That's for sure.

Doreen: So please, make a donation to the organization that makes this blog possible! Without Helping Paws, we would not have Dempsey and you would not be enjoying the quality programming on this blog.

Paul: That's right! And if we don't raise enough money, the dogs will have to rent a van, drive to Florida, and make a "Dogs Gone Wild" video to raise money.

Norbert: That is not true.

Dempsey: Hi! Are we going someplace?

Paul: Imagine videos of the dogs taking off their vests and running wild!

Dempsey: Hi! I can do that! Wanna see? Wanna see?

Norbert: That is not true either. Please do not make me call in a backup attorney.

Doreen: Ok, that's enough. The point is, we need to raise some money, and we're asking you, the loyal blog follower, to help. Remember, our blog is not like TV stations that run advertising; we're more like member-supported radio or TV.

Paul: Everyone who makes a donation gets free, unlimited access to this blog!

Doreen: Download the blog to your iPhone or burn it to a DVD, and you have a gift suitable for a visiting head of state!

Bailey: And remember, the more money we raise, the faster Dempsey will graduate and move out.

Norbert: That is not true. Dogs graduate only after a detailed, careful evaluation of their skills in different environments. There is no correlation between fundraising and the speed of Dempsey's training.

Bailey: Oh. Well, it's time for my nap.

Dempsey: Hi! Is this a good place to pee?

Paul: Ok, that's it! Show's over! 

Doreen: But before we go, please click here and make a donation -- whatever you can -- to Helping Paws. Thank you!

Paul: Thanks!

Dempsey: Hi! Thank you! Gotta go!


  1. Excellent post! And I would have said so even if you hadn't linked to Belle's blog! Thanks for the chuckle and the wonderful directions on how to donate.

  2. Great interview! Very clever!
    Dempsey reminds me of the dog in "Up" ("HI!! HI!!! squirrel?....HI!")
    Your new pal,